The Frontline

Numerous typhoons in the Philippines, unprecedented droughts in Uganda and deadly floods in Belgium - The climate crisis and its devastating effects are now everywhere and undeniable.

Client: Greens/EFA in the European Parliament
Illustration & Animation: Ellen Andries
Produced & Directed: Thomas Maddens
Writing: Anuna De Wever, Thomas Maddens
Post Production: A Mad Production

Communities least responsible for the climate crisis, are most affected. To bring their stories to life in times of pandemic zoom-based communication, we spoke with climate activists Mitzi from the Philippines, Hilda from Uganda and Ben from Belgium to hear their stories on the front line of humanity’s greatest threat.

“Last year, in the span of three weeks we had four typhoons, described as “once in a life-time typhoons”, with the strength of them. How many have I experienced? And I’m not even done with my life, I hope…” – @mitzijonelle

Share this important story. Even if it’s the only thing you do today to join the fight to save humanity. To instill a sense of much needed urgency that we, humans, are in a crisis. Right now.

There is no time to waste to save humanity from itself.