The Studio

A blend between a creator space and a think-tank where activists, organizations and creators join forces to share & spread ideas to better humanity.

We have a shared responsibility to use our creativity as a force for good in this world. Whether it’s short form communication about the climate crisis, feature length documentaries about reproductive health or interactive Holocaust survivor testimony, our passion-driven team works to produce the most impactful work for the world’s most pressing stories.

But we don’t just tell the stories. We measure the impact they deliver: whether it’s a shift in public perception, a cross-platform media communications strategy or advising on policy in a political process. The work doesn’t end when the content is finished.

A MAD Production was founded by Ellen Andries and Thomas Maddens in 2013 and works with an ever-expanding network of trusted creatives in all corners of the globe, putting together the team to each project’s specific requirements and expertise.