A personal story, a chronic illness, affecting millions. #MyEndo

Ellen Andries’ documentary directing debut. Together with her husband, DP & Editor Thomas Maddens, they set out to capture a personal and intimate story of their battle with the chronic illness: Endometriosis. Ellen’s quality of life, their relationship and hope of starting a family are plunged into uncertainty by a dark and mysterious monster and the path to a better life

They decided to turn the cameras on themselves, not just for themselves, but for the over 200 million women (and their partners) who share the same struggles and for those who don’t even know the reason for their pain yet. As a first step, they want to create global awareness and allow women to speak openly about this chronic illness.

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Director – Producer – Animator
Ellen Andries

DP – Editor
Thomas Maddens

Special thanks to
Professor Meuleman en het voltallige endometrioseteam
UZ Leuven Gasthuisberg
Ruben De Gheselle

Thanks to our partners
De Spelers van de Nationale Loterij
Lago Gent Rozebroeken
Redhead TV

Additional camera
Jef Mattheeuws
Renate Raman
Charles Pacqué

Animation Mentor
Carl Van Isacker

Assistant Painter
Evert Van Houcke

Assistant Graphics
Lucas Dewulf

Story by
Anouk Van Hoofstadt
Anneleen Ophoff

OST Composer
Ruben De Gheselle

Recording, Mix and Mastering
Klaas Tomme

Mirek Coutigny
Jolien Deley

Poster Photo Retouching
Bart Vertriest