Thomas never really lived in Belgium as a kid. His father’s life as a diplomat gave him a broad perspective from day one. Having gone to school on three different continents, he came back “home” to Brussels to attend filmschool.

2009 – 2012 Bachelor’s in Film & Television
LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, Belgium

If class wasn’t mandatory, he’d skip it. To work in the industry, to gain experience. Like the live TV news show where he rose from running the teleprompter to floor manager in a few months. This was also where Ellen and Thomas’ paths first crossed.

2010 – 2012 Production Assistant and Floor Manager
VT4/Vlaanderen Vandaag Brussels, Belgium

Filmschool and internships provided a technical basis, but Thomas was still seeking to broaden his perspective. The new goal: work as a documentary filmmaker for the United Nations. To understand the crises of the world, make sense of the things that troubled so many and communicate to those responsible.

2009-2010 Assistant Producer
United Nations TV in New York City, NY

In New York, Thomas worked as assistant producer across various productions for United Nations TV, including the Emmy Nominated ‘Cambodia; A Quest for Justice‘. Again, Thomas used his camera and editing talents as a key to open doors.

2011 – 2017 DP & Editor
UN-TV and UN-OCHA in New York City, NY

2013 – Currently Co-Founder & Director & Editor
A Mad Production in Ghent, Belgium