Creative Director with a love for the arts, Ellen Andries combines fifteen years of top-level motion graphic experience with an unquenchable desire to make things look different.

To further the art, to raise the bar, whether digital or hand-drawn, frame by frame or keyframes, Ellen lives and breathes animation. In 2020, she released her debut feature documentary “MyEndo”. Both live-action and animation, the film depicts her battle with the chronic illness; Endometriosis, which 1 in 8 women suffer from worldwide. After the film was released the main specialised center in Belgium reported a striking 10-fold increase in patient uptake (normally it was 7 per week, after the documentary that number rose to 70). Meaning women were finding the best available care for their pain. Since the film was released, a groundswell movement encouraged policy-makers in Belgium and around the world to draft legislation to tackle Endo in society. Ellen is deeply involved in advising on all levels: from patients seeking help, to organisations trying to communicate with impact, to the experts and policy makers writing the laws that will affect the care of women with this debilitating chronic illness. The fight to make Endo known continues every day.

Work Experience

2008 – 2010
Motion Designer at Belgacom TV (Belgium)
2010 – 2016
CEO at What! Graphics Studios
Graphic/Motion Designer
Motion design for Without You (feat. Usher) [Sahel Hunger Crisis] David Guetta Music Video
2013 – Current
CEO at A Mad Production
Animator – Motion Designer – Producer


1997 – 2002
Studied painting and drawing at secondary school level (Belgium)
2002 – 2003
7th year Visual Arts at the secondary art institute of Ghent (Belgium)
2004 – 2008
Master in Fine Arts – Graphic Design at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Ghent, BE)
2014 – 2018
Animation Class at the Academy of Fine Arts (Ghent,BE)
June – July 2016
Animation Bootcamp at School of Motion (US)