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Currently our website is under construction. We hope to have it online soon. In the meantime, browse our latest work or get in touch with any question.

A Mad Production is a cross-media production house specialized in stories that often go untold, heroes everybody should know about, worlds rarely seen … We believe it is our shared responsibility to use our medium as a force for good in the world.

Whether it’s communicating about the climate crisis, producing independent documentaries about under-reported women’s health issues or capturing Holocaust testimony in Virtual Reality, our passion-driven team works to produce the most impactful work for the world’s most pressing stories.

The company was founded by Ellen Andries and Thomas Maddens in 2013 and works with an ever-expanding network of trusted creatives in all corners of the globe, putting together the team to each project’s specific requirements and expertise.

A bit about our founders…

Creative Director with a love for the arts, Ellen Andries combines fifteen years of top-level motion graphic experience with an unquenchable desire to make things look different. To further the art, to raise the bar, whether digital or hand-drawn, frame by frame or keyframes, Ellen lives and breathes animation. In 2020, she released her debut feature documentary “MyEndo”. Both live-action and animation, the film depicts her battle with the chronic illness; Endometriosis, which 1 in 8 women suffer from worldwide. After the film was released the main specialized center in Belgium reported a striking 10-fold increase in patient uptake (normally it was 7 per week, after the documentary that number rose to 70). Meaning women were finding the best available care for their pain. The fight to make Endo known continues every day.

Thomas Maddens graduated film-school in 2012 and started his career working for humanitarian organizations and the United Nations as a filmmaker, documenting humanitarian crisis response and geo-political gatherings at the highest level. Even gaining access behind-the-scenes of the UN General Assembly with SG Ban Ki-moon in 2015. He co-founded a Mad Production with Ellen, to broaden their portfolio of work, which now includes clients like: The USC Shoah Foundation, UNICEF, Vice World News, The International Committee for the Red Cross… to name a few. After realizing many of the world’s current crises were rooted in and amplified by the climate crisis, Thomas also began working in climate movements, both political and non-political, finding ways to better communicate the urgency of this crisis, using ground-breaking technology and bringing the stories of people and areas most affected to the forefront.